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Pakistan Super League PSL 2017 Schedule, Fixtures, Players in Season 2


PSL 2017 Schdule

Pakistani super League PSL 2017 schedule is yet to aanounced by the Pakistan cricket board (PCB). In this previous first season of HBL PSL schedule it might also start on 4th February to 23 February. Pakisan is a country that has produced dozens of world class cricketers in the past. The country has been deprived of proper tournaments where the players can be polished and selection of players for world class matches becomes easy.

To fulfill this need the authorities decided to arrange for PSL T20 matches every year, so that the already selected players stay in their form and new players get an opportunity to polish their talent. Pakistan super league is the name of the tournament that is held every year to promote cricket. It is the highest level of professional cricket played in Pakistan. It consists of five different franchises and Lahore is the headquarter of the league. It is not an association of independent teams, the league is a single body and each of its franchises can be owned and controlled by investors. The inaugural tournament of the league was held in 2016 where Islamabad united won the tournament playing aginst quetta Gladiators.

The fist season of PSL turned out to be a huge hit and since then the cricket crazy people of Pakistan are anxiously waiting for the second season to start so that they can have fun. Keeping in mind the peoples’ ever growing interest in T20 matches of PSL the management has been planning something new to entertain the cricket fans to their fullest. Some new players have been added to the new draft of the second season of Pakistan Super League 2017.

The format of the league is almost the same as that off other cricket leagues of the world where –a group stage is usually followed by the playoff matches in which the top four teams have to compete each other in order to reach the final where the champions are crowned.

Pakistan super league consists of a lot of big names that are a part of its different teams, these names include Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Shane Watson, Dwayne Smith, Nathan Mccullum and some other players too. According to the retension policy each team is allowed to retain maximum 16 players at a time, so they are provided with a deadline within which they can contact the players, during this time the teams are allowed to exchange players in order to form a good team that is balanced with bowlers and batsmen both.

In Pakistan Super League 2017 the players are categorized in five groups that are diamond, platinum, silver, gold and emerging. The emerging group is the most interesting group where each player should be less than 23 years of age by January 2017. There is a good news for all the players as there has been a rise of 9% in the salary cap of all the players.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has confirmed that two legends of international cricket players Brendon McCollum from New Zealand and English player Eoin Morgan, who is also the skipper of the English T20 cricket team, have confirmed their participation in Pakistan Super League 2017 tournament. There are some rumors circulating in the cricket world that more than a dozen celebrity players have signed an agreement with PCB and the names of these players will be revealed in coming days.

For the season of the PSL 2017 total 5 teams will participate in the tournament.

Islamabad United

Karachi Kings

Peshawar Zalmi

Quetta Gladiators

Lahore Qalandars

Match DatesMatch & FixturesPSL T20 2016 FixturesVenue
Feb 41st T20Islamabad vs QuettaDubai
Feb 52st T20Karachi vs LahoreDubai
Feb 53st T20Peshawar vs IslamabadDubai
Feb 64st T20Quetta vs KarachiDubai
Feb 65st T20Lahore vs PeshawarDubai
Feb 76st T20Islamabad vs KarachiDubai
Feb 77st T20Quetta vs PeshawarDubai
Feb 88st T20Lahore vs QuettaDubai
Feb 109st T20Islamabad vs LahoreSharjah
Feb 1110st T20Karachi vs PeshawarSharjah
Feb 1111st T20Islamabad vs QuettaSharjah
Feb 1212st T20Karachi vs LahoreSharjah
Feb 1213st T20Peshawar vs IslamabadSharjah
Feb 1314st T20Quetta vs KarachiSharjah
Feb 1315st T20Lahore vs PeshawarSharjah
Feb 1416st T20Islamabad vs KarachiSharjah
Feb 1417st T20Quetta vs PeshawarSharjah
Feb 1618st T20Lahore vs QuettaDubai
Feb 1719st T20Karachi vs PeshawarDubai
Feb 1720st T20Islamabad vs LahoreDubai
Feb 1921st T201st Qualifier – Peshawar vs QuettaDubai
Feb 2022st T202nd Qualifier – Islamabad vs KarachiDubaiv
Feb 2023st T203rd Qualifier – Islamabad vs PeshawarDubai
Feb 2324st T20Quetta vs IslamabadDubai

Schedule 2017 Will be Updated Soon.


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